Arnot Ogden Medical Center is Wired In

It’s probably appropriate that our first blog post talks about our most recent accomplishment: we’re on the “Most Wired” List! Arnot Ogden Medical Center is one of 200 hospitals in the U.S. to earn a spot on the Health & Hospital Network 2012 Most Wired List, and we’re very proud of it.

This honor spotlights how an organization plans for, utilizes and secures information technology across its entire system and focuses on infrastructure, business and administrative management, and clinical quality, safety and integration.

This is the third time Arnot Ogden has been recognized as a “Most Wired” facility. Arnot Health was one of 662 hospitals and health systems to complete the Most Wired survey this year. These respondents represent 1,570 hospitals, roughly 27 percent of all U.S. hospitals.

So what does this mean to you, our patient?

With the many dramatic changes taking place in healthcare and the ever-increasing importance of turning data into information, IT systems need to be high-powered tools that deliver real-time, actionable information. When placed in the hands of our highly skilled care providers, information technology helps us achieve improved patient safety and create greater efficiencies. Among the IT strengths we bring to the table are evidence-based care, actionable alerts, patient engagement, population health management dashboards, and real-time decision support at the point of care.

Which means we are continuing to provide excellence in care – better, safer and quicker – for you.

And even though it won’t change the way we treat our patients, this blog is just another way that Arnot Health is dedicated to staying wired!

2 responses to “Arnot Ogden Medical Center is Wired In

  1. I am a fairly new patient with Arnot Health. My previous primary care doctor was with the Guthrie Clinic, but he left. I would like to stay with Arnot Health, as the services are better than with Guthrie. However, one thing I did prefer with Guthrie was their electronic records, where I was able to contact my doctor via e-mail, view my test results, request a prescription refill, etc. Is this something that Arnot Health might consider? I found it to be extremely useful!
    Another concern is that since switching to Arnot Health, I have been referred to several different specialists, each of them requiring me to complete the same paperwork about my health history. I was told by an Arnot Health Employee, that since my original health history form had been scanned into my chart, there would be no need for me to complete the same paperwork when I was referred to a specialist within the same system. However, upon arrival, I have been told that I do need to fill out the paperwork again, without being given any reason other than that they need it! Not only that, but when I requested a copy of a test result, I had to complete a Release of Information Form – For my OWN test results!
    I am happy with the care Arnot Health has provided, but not with the lack of access electronic communication with my doctors and test results.

  2. That is all great, but I would like to see a system like Guthrie has where you can see the actual results of any tests, ask for a refill prescription, look up your scheduled appointments, etc.

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