Dr. Beth Dollinger Announces Orthopedic Blog Series

Dr. Beth Dollinger, orthopedic surgeon for Arnot Health, is launching a new blog series to help answer frequently-asked questions, offer perspective on newsworthy events, and essentially give patients a hand in their own healthcare.

Dr. Beth Dollinger - Orthopedic Surgeon at Arnot Health

Beth M. Dollinger, M.D.

The use of technology in orthopedics has changed the way some physicians are able to treat their patients. Smaller, computerized surgery tools and cameras allow for more precision in the operating room, and patient records have slowly and safely migrated to cloud-based software. However, Dr. Dollinger wants to improve the way she communicates and interacts with her patients outside of the hospital and doctor’s office.

“I have some really interesting information and links to share on a variety of injuries and ailments,” said Dr. Dollinger, citing the recent injury to NCAA basketball star Kevin Ware and the tibia rod surgery that helped him recover. “I’d like this blog series to be a place for patients to research and come to appointments better informed about their own ailments.”

The blog series will also include occasional video interviews with Dr. Dollinger. To subscribe to the blog, copy the RSS feed at blog.arnothealth.com or enter your email address in the subscription bar. If you have topics you’re interested in, comment on our Facebook page at facebook.com/ArnotHealth.

When it comes to Arnot Health, come to expect the best.

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