Nykole Parks Radio Interview

This week, Nykole Parks, the Community Health Coordinator at Arnot Health, went on 94 Rock to talk about the Diabetes Health Fair. The Health Fair is taking place on Saturday, November 9, in Big Flats.

Take a listen to Nykole’s interview and join us this weekend!

One response to “Nykole Parks Radio Interview

  1. The patient service is great once I see the doctors BUT when you arrive the person at the desk are so cold and the billing dept is really messed up. I was charged and told my bill was going to collection.the next day. When my insurance paid it 2 months ago. When it was straightened out Arnot Health NEVER said Sorry. She was cold. You need to understand I WILL PAY CASH FOR MY BILLS “BUT” MY INS. COMPANY TELLS ME WHAT TO PAY.. I had this same problem in 1900’s and I paid Arnot to find out so did my insurance TOOK ME OVER 6 mos. to get my money back from Arnot. I left Guthrie because I love the Arnot/ST Joes doctors but the front desk and billing people need patient service training.

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