An Important Milestone for the ICU at Arnot Ogden

The VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia) Task Force is pleased to announce that, as of January 16, 2014, it has been a record-breaking 1000 days since our last ventilator associated pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit at Arnot Ogden Medical Center.
VAP can be caused by several respiratory complications, including inadequate care for the airway when a patient is given a breathing tube. VAP prevention is extremely important in order to prevent further infection and to help patients improve their health so that they may return home as quickly as possible.
The Infection Prevention Nurse reviews each patient placed on mechanical ventilation via the EMR (electronic medical record), assessing respiratory stability. If instability is identified, the ICU Director and the Respiratory Therapy Director are notified by a “heads up.”
The VAP Task Force is a multidisciplinary team that meets on a monthly basis, consisting of Respiratory Therapists, Nurses and Infection Prevention. It reviews cases as well as promotes and ensures that best practice guidelines are followed in order to prevent any VAEs (ventilator associated events).
This huge achievement has been made possible by the collaboration of all staff working in the Intensive Care Unit at Arnot Ogden Medical Center. This includes Physicians, Residents, Students, Nursing, Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Assistants, Housekeeping and Infection Prevention.

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