Tanner’s PAWS and Arnot Health – Combination of Care

In our recent ad campaign for Orthopedic Care, we’re featuring two representatives of a local animal rescue organization called Tanner’s PAWS. Sue Allen is a substitute school teacher and a volunteer for Tanner’s PAWS; Cotton is a beautiful lab mix who successfully made it through the organization to find his new family. Check out the two in action together:

Tanner’s PAWS is a grassroots organization that began in 2012 to help rehabilitate lost and unwanted dogs by fostering them instead of using a shelter. Through a website and social media presence, volunteers try to locate the families of these lost dogs or find a permanent place for them to live. Although they have a small shelter in Corning for emergency situations, foster families throughout the region are responsible for providing temporary care and connecting the pets with a “forever home.”

Sue Preset is the Board Treasurer for Tanner’s PAWS and has been with the organization since its inception. She said there was a need for this in our region because shelters can sometimes misrepresent the true character of a dog. According to Sue, “sometimes it’s the shelter environment itself that can have a negative impact because confined spaces and incessant barking can be stressful.” She said that by providing foster care for the animals, their true colors shine through.

Cotton was an unwanted dog who was originally kept in a very small kennel with limited access to the outdoors and exercise. During the search for a better home, Cotton acted in our commercial for Orthopedic Care. The organization has since reported that he is living with a family that has two small children and is enjoying all the care and exercise he can handle.

Our other actress, Sue Allen, was a candidate for double-knee replacement surgery at the time of filming. In the hands of our Orthopedic team at Arnot Health, Sue underwent an operation in September 2014 on both knees simultaneously. By working with our physical therapists, she is now back to work as a substitute teacher, able to walk her own dogs, and attending her grandkids’ ball games.

Anyone looking to volunteer, adopt a pet, or provide a foster home for the dogs at Tanner’s PAWS may fill out an application on the Tanner’s PAWS website. Donations may also be made through the site in the form of money or any of the items on the organization’s wish list. “You’ll get tired,” said Sue Preset, “but you know if you can save just one dog, it’s all worth it.”

Visit our landing page for more information about Orthopedic Care at Arnot Health.

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